Do You Suspect You Have a Broken Foot?

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A broken foot requires immediate attention and treatment. If you suspect you have broken your foot, see Dr. Ramin Nadjafi, DPM of Advanced Podiatry Group. Our doctor will examine your injury and provide you with quality treatment.

Identifying and Dealing with a Broken Foot
When bones in the foot are bent, stretched, or crushed in an unnatural way, they can sometimes break or fracture. Doctors can often determine how the break occurred based on its severity and location.

There are many common symptoms of a broken foot to look out for. Those who experience significant trauma to the feet should check for:
-Blue (foot)

If one or more of these symptoms persist, one should have x-rays taken by a medical professional. Cold or numb feet, blueness of the skin, cuts, and deformities can be indications of a foot that is very badly broken. It’s advised to see a doctor right away if these conditions are observed.

Care for a broken foot depends on the type and severity of the injury. Often times aids likes crutches, casts, and splints will be administered. Surgery is also a possibility, although this is reserved for very bad cases. One can also apply ice and keep the foot elevated to reduce swelling. Rest is important during the recovery stage so that the break doesn’t become any more aggravated.

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