Do You Sprain Your Ankles Constantly?

By August 10, 2017 July 3rd, 2019 Uncategorized

Are you nervous every time you participate in any athletic activity because, your ankles are so weak that you sprain them each and every time?  Your not alone! Advanced Podiatry Group is here to help!

There are multiples causes of weak ankles. Ligamentous laxity is one of them: ligaments are the structures that are stabilizing your ankle joint. Some people were born with looser ligaments, creating instability in the ankle resulting in more frequent sprains. It can also be due to an old ankle sprain, injury or fracture where the ligaments were overstretched and healed in that position. Other causes are muscle weakness and foot position: people with a supinated foot type, meaning high arch feet with more pressure on the outside are more prone to twist their ankles. There are multiple types of ankle braces that can control and protect the ankle that can be worn during exercise or activities. Custom foot orthotics has shown great results: by controlling the foot position, they stabilize the foot and ankle and block the excessive inversion movement responsible for ankle sprains. If the instability is severe, there are ankle stabilizing surgical procedures that are available and very successful. Life is too short to limit the activities you like!

Let Advanced Podiatry Group evaluate your ankle instability!