Custom Orthotics

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When the perfect pair shoes are chosen, they like the style, size, and choice of materials, the important stuff can happen, getting your custom orthotics from your local podiatrist. Orthotics is a custom foot support, which you place in your shoes for your pain free style. Custom orthotics are designed specifically for you, it gives a better arch support then the regular over the counter (OTC) kind. It does this by correcting the biomechanics of your walking style, to overall help support your feet, knees and legs.

Custom orthotics are useful for people: who are overweight; obligated to be on their feet for extended periods of time; or have a previous foot or ankle issues. Even athletes use them to optimize performance and enhance comfort while either in training session or on game days. Patients with arthritis or diabetic foot conditions use them for comfort and protection. Orthotics helps prevent injury or hinder the progression of existing problems, thus allowing healing to take place. On the other hand, even if no major conditions or symptoms exist, orthotics provides protection and comfort for your feet.

If you or someone you know hasn’t had a chance to get their custom orthotics this year it is time to see your podiatrist and be evaluated and casted today. Whether it’s your first or third pair, Advanced Podiatry Group would be more than happy to schedule an appointment, with Dr. Ramin Nadjafi, DPM. We will be able assess your walking style, and design and create a perfect custom orthotic for your pain free style. | (407) 423-9401 |