Biomechanical Bunions

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Do you ever have pain in your big toe? Have you ever experienced pain when pushing off the
ground, when walking? If so, you might be experiencing bunion pains. Bunions are one of the most common foot problems. Bunions can come in two types, structural and biomechanical. Structural bunions can form due to the increase in the angle between your 1st and 2nd toes naturally as you age. Biomechanical bunions can be formed based on your gait and they way you walk over time these might develop. Structural and Biomechanical bunions both can affect the joint causing premature arthritis. As podiatrists and parents, we all know that it’s better to catch a problem early in its stages before it becomes worst.

Bunion symptoms can range from a foot deformity, noticing a bump on the inside of your first toe to painful shooting pain that radiates through your foot. You might notice that you need to buy wider shoes, than previously purchased. You might experience some soreness or calluses developing on the side of your first toe. Also you might notice more shoe wear on the sides of your shoes.

But have no fear there are many treatment options for bunions. There is a multitude of conservative treatments to consider such as topical creams to relieve the pain, pads to cushion the painful areas, and also bunion splits etc.

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